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The Adventures of Olive the Sea Turtle
Mental Health
Romeo and Juliet Front Cover
Men and Their Horses Full Cover, 4 Sep 2022
Birds Front Cover
Speaking the Past
Baghdad at the Centre of a World
95 Cover Display
GYGO! Final Front Cover
Get Your Deutsch On!
Thymele Cover
PostmodernCover (1)
Popeye & Curly Cover


Theran Press is the academic publishing imprint of Silver Goat Media.


Theran is dedicated to authentic partnerships with its academic associates,

to the high quality design of scholarly books, and to elite standards of peer review.


Theran seeks to liberate intellectuals from the confines of traditional academic publishing.


Theran authors are authorities and revolutionaries in their respective fields.


Theran encourages new models for generating and distributing art, science, and knowledge.


For our creatives. For our communities. For our world.

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